Our clients say the following about our workshops…

I would recommend the workshop to anyone who wants the ability to be at peace with themselves and in their relationships, no matter what the circumstances.

The issues I was having in my marriage were not from our relationship, but from what we were both bringing to the relationship. After going through my Inner Journey, I discovered and released my negative imprints, which brought me back to living a more joyful life and having a more fulfilling marriage.

Prior to going through the workshop, I truly believed I had done a rigorous job of working on my defects, letting go of ego, and generally having a decent grasp on my issues. After meeting with them, I realized I had some work to do. They are ninjas when it comes to helping people grow and change.

Taking the transformational workshop showed me the imprints I was operating from and gave me a new kind of awareness of myself. From there I had more control over my life and the changes I made had a very positive affect on my life and my family.
– Terrell

The love, healing and self awareness that we experienced through the Inner Journey workshop, along with the individual follow-up work, has been light years ahead of any prior therapeutic work. My relationship with my wife and children has reached a level I wasn’t aware could be achieved. My self awareness and the understanding of my family imprints, (both negative and positive), has created a total mind-shift in me that has resulted in a closeness to those I love that I don’t believe would have been achieved without the loving guidance and incredible experience.

I was able to finally find the strength I needed to achieve on-going personal transformation as a result of this unforgettable experience.

A transformative experience that significantly altered my life. I now feel awake spiritually and emotionally. I’m forever grateful for this program.

I have been given the gift of awareness and self-accountability, something that I never realized I could achieve before the incredible transformative journey. Life has never been this good.

It was the emotional, mental, and spiritual experience that I needed and the program provided me with tools and knowledge to continue working on myself. What I learned during this process has been utilized every day since.

I’ve done two workshops, and both of them have given me something new in my life to wake up for. The workshops helped me find reason and purpose, and gave me the ability to grow in every area of my life, including the spiritual aspect. Although I am not religious, I was able to find a higher power that I could trust and that would help me.

The 4-day Inner Journey program absolutely changed my perspective on myself, and my life. I came to the program because I had been feeling lost within myself and was bearing some intense struggles, and what I gained out of the process of looking so deeply into my future and working on my addictions, is something that is hard to put in words. It’s amazing; it taught me self-compassion and it helped me to surrender and let go so that I could become free.

The Inner Journey helped me to identify why and how I behave the way I do, and the effects my behavior had on my life and the lives of others around me. I was then given the gift of a spiritual practice that allowed me to act from a place of love and gratitude. I was not given my life back; I was given a life more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.

The four-day Inner Journey experience was nothing short of electric! During the four-day journey, I was shown who I was, the reasons for those undesirable shortcomings, and I was given the tools to be a human being again.

This program is one of those things that you never realize you need until you’ve done it. It is enlightening, inspirational, and a life-changing experience. This is an experience that will truly open your eyes and help you find purpose and meaning in your life.

The Inner Journey workshop allowed me to forgive my dad, set a healthy boundary with my mom… By forgiving my dad, and setting a boundary with them both, I am now able to completely separate myself from their situation and emotions so that I can be there for them both in a healthier way, as well as being in such a place that the actions and reactions of both of my parents, brother, and others cannot harm me. In other words, I am free from emotional, and mental impact brought on by others.

It was knowledge that rang thru to my inner core like nothing ever before where answers to life long questions were revealed and the thirst for more understanding… Just do it!!

My experience with the program was revolutionary in a multitude of ways. On many emotional, psychological, and spiritual levels I was provided guidance, important change and tools to continue growing as an individual. By “growing”, I mean to say that progress towards my goals, dreams, and a fulfilling life wildly increased. I’m so grateful for the opportunities the program has offered me as a result.

The workshop for Couples gave me the opportunity to become aware, on a deeper level, of the imprints & beliefs that I bring to Relationship from my upbringing & past experiences, both negative & positive, specific tools that I can use to release the negative imprints, and how to access my Authentic Self on a daily basis. This clearing of limiting beliefs that stand in the way of healthy relating, is allowing my partner & I to co-create a healthy, joyful, mutually loving relationship from the Authentic Self. This process is allowing me to live my divine purpose, while in relationship, with more fullness, joy, & confidence. I recommend this 4 day course (and already have to many of my clients & friends) to anyone who is in a relationship & wants to cultivate connection, mutuality & deep love. It’s Relationship Health 101!

The Circle of Love workshop for couples was very beneficial on so many levels, as a person who has been living an intentional life and done several personal inventories, I thought I would marginally benefit, but I truly had an epiphany regarding what was blocking me. The workshop is helpful for my relationship with my soon-to-be wife. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, go straight to the Circle of Love workshop if you want your relationship with your significant other to grow and change.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity that I had to attend this program. It completely saved my life, revolutionizing my conceptions about love, my relationship with god, and my purpose.

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