Caroline’s New Book!

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While you may know something about your core beliefs or imprints—for example, that you carry the deep belief that you are not good enough, or that you can’t count on anyone but yourself, or that you have to win at all cost or else someone will take advantage of you, and more—you may still find yourself repeating the same self-defeating behaviors of people-pleasing, of self-sabotage, of compulsively competing for things you don’t even want, and so on. That’s because of what keeps your beliefs about yourself alive in your neurological core: the energies of emotions to which you have become addicted. In this book, Caroline Eick explains how the very emotions we have been avoiding, repressing, projecting, or trying to control, we have become physically and psychologically addicted to, and that recurring self-defeating behaviors as well as substance and process addictions are in great part manifestations of patterns of emotional addictions. She offers a way to gain emotional peace by getting acquainted with emotions as energies that can be transmuted through attention and intention. Integrating spirituality and science, she offers a practical approach to sustained emotional sobriety.


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