Mission Statement

Our Vision

We are catalysts for transformations and growth for individuals, families, organizations, and communities.


Our Mission

To guide people through the process of uncovering, releasing and transforming negative imprints—the deep-seated, self-defeating beliefs that shape our perceptions and our emotional experiences of reality; and to help individuals, families and communities develop trust in their Authentic Self to heal and renew relationships.


Our Core Values

– Love: We practice and seek to inspire forgiveness, kindness, compassion, acceptance, trust

– Integrity: We practice and seek to inspire honesty and wholeness

– Coherence: We practice and seek to inspire connectivity and collaboration

– Gratitude: We practice and seek to inspire generosity and devoted service

– Mindfulness: We practice aligning thinking and feeling with inner wisdom

– Creativity: We practice reshaping reality into a joyful and meaningful life

– Authenticity: We practice and seek to inspire humility, clarity and humor

Our Approach

Our unconventional approach begins with a scientific foundation. Our guided process is tailored to each group and session. It leads participants through self-reflective work, including individual coaching, group discussion and sharing, writing and other contemplative exercises. Each component builds on the other to help individuals through layers of emotional work that uncovers negative imprints, and releases and transforms core emotional addictions developed around negative imprints.


Our Philosophy

We believe in the inherent goodness of every person. We believe that every person is capable of living a peaceful, creative and meaningful life. We believe in teaching and learning forgiveness, compassion, love, and connectedness. We are dedicated to living out what we teach.

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