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Liliane Desjardins Liliane Desjardins, LCAS, was born in Zagreb, Croatia, and educated in Paris, France. Her background is liturgical art, and two of her outstanding works are the stained glass windows at the Catholic Chapel at Kennedy International Airport in New York City, and the Shaar Hashomayim Synagogue in Montréal, Québec, Canada.

Upon entering her personal transformational program, Liliane shifted from aesthetic beauty to reshaping and re-sculpting her own life and helping others reshape theirs. Along with Gilles Desjardins, Richard Hofman and Caroline Eick, she developed the highly successful and innovative approach to addiction treatment, the Desjardins Unified Model of Addiction Treatment. She was the co-founder of Pavillon Desjardins in Val David, Québec, Canada and program director for Pavilion International, an addiction treatment and training center in North Carolina. She has 36 years of clinical experience. Liliane is the author of the bestselling book, Imprint Journey: A Path of Lasting Transformation to the Authentic Self.

Liliane now focuses her energies, at the Center, on working with struggling couples to help them identify and transform the personal self-defeating imprints that interfere in authentic relating. She works with couples to develop skills for co-creating dynamic and intimate partnerships.

With humor, expertise, and compassion, Liliane creates the necessary environment for transformation. She nurtures individuals as she helps them to develop the desire and strength needed to change and lead more effective and healthy lives.

Liliane says: “To me, art and life are synonymous. They are about accessing our inner beauty and creativity, and expressing them in the joy of life. Life is about the art of living the ordinary every day events in an extraordinary and inspirational way. It is about re-writing the script of our lives. It is about creating a better and more beautiful world. After 36 years of clinical work, I am still passionate about the beauty, resilience, resourcefulness, and intelligence of the human spirit. I never cease to be amazed at the human survival skills, and the light and joy expressed when an individual touches his or her greatness. My work is fascinating. I simply love, because loved people do better.”

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